Nina Kraviz’ Transcendent Dive Into Experimental Techno EP stranno. stranno. nebjatno.

Nina Kraviz | stranno. stranno. neobjatno. | трип

Release Date: 22 July, 2019

A notable name in the electronic industry, prolific techno songstress Nina Kraviz has established herself as one of the genres most driven artists; unafraid to embrace a myriad of experimental approaches to her music spanning her career. The Russian-born artist has built a strong foundation for herself since releasing her debut album in 2012, even sculpting her own imprint трип (in English, translating to ‘Trip’) in 2014. Providing a platform for underground artists, трип features a unique blend of musicians spanning around the globe from Russia to Iceland, allowing for a variety of distinctive inspiration and influence on her part, too. The dentist turned DJ has explored sexuality and feminism in her work, a notable move in empowering womxn in an industry still in desperate need of breaking out of a male-dominated mindset. Returning with her latest EP, ‘stranno. stranno. neobjatno.‘ (translating directly to strange. strange. immensely in English) Kraviz once again proves her immense skill in creating entrancing, hypnotic beats that capture listeners in a raw trance.

The opening track of the EP, ‘Dream Machine‘ is ripe with beguiling textures; blooming a confident 4/4 beat as an introduction, Kraviz’ provocative vocal samples fluttering amongst the track’s hypnotic grasp. With curious, experimental timbres playfully dotting the soundscape, bubbling echoes and hints of sharp vintage sci-fi, ghostly wails. Keeping a steady mesmerizing drive, self-assured drum machines create an energetic aura, drawing the six minute track to a close.

I Want You’ boasts a rhythmic confidence with a strong opening beat; a noteworthy, focused energy drawing in listeners with an alluring pulsating beat; seductive sweet nothings as hushed vocals accompany the dancefloor ready hooks and propelling percussion. Around the four minute mark, Kraviz’ vocal charm breaks through with a repetition of the phase and title ‘I want you’ amongst an enduring electronic soundscape.

Stranno Neobjatno’ is heavier in tone, a submerged heartbeat pounding emphatically; a submerged base growing within the vibrations of one’s ribcage. Determined in pace, the clap of percussion tints the depth of the beat with an upbeat energy, with Kraviz’ bewitching whispers sculpting a sultry atmosphere in captivating repetition. Tantalising timbres glitter between lively sci-fi stirs, mischievous in nature: a perfect example of Kraviz’ willingness to play with sound, while still crafting a personality filled with mesmer. 

stranno. stranno. neobjatno’ showcases techno in the experimental, a dance-floor ready EP yet still distinctive in the exploration of Kraviz’ personality as an artist. Approaching her sound from a plethora of perspectives causes Kraviz to glow amongst her peers; with ‘stranno. stranno. neobjatno’ shimmering as a perfect example.

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Review by Jenna Dreisenstock

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