News: England To Combat Illegal Raves With Organisers Facing Severe Fines Up To £10,000

Organisers will face severe fines, along with those who are found not wearing masks at unlicensed events and where mandatory.

As summer began to make its way toward the UK, with coronavirus restrictions easing; English police braced themselves for what they believed would be “The Summer Of Illegal Raves”. 

While we’d hope that majority of people have enough empathy for others to put their partying antics on hold and comply with the government regulations in the midst of a deadly pandemic; sadly boredom has triumphed against basic compassion and logic, proving the English police right as they have had to deal with a massive surge of illegal gatherings over the summer so far. Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have their own laws in place.

From unregulated house parties to full-blown raves (such as the one that took place near Bath, in which 3,000 mostly unmasked people attended) Sky News reports that in London alone, Metropolitan Police officers have been required to respond to over 1,000 illegal events in the city since the end of June. They have also reported that the Metropolitan Police were alerted to at least 200 events in London in just one weekend.

To combat the massive surge in illegal, unregulated and ultimately dangerous parties and raves – England have imposed stricter measures that will be imposed beginning Friday, August 28th. These tough laws come in the form of severe fines.

Organisers will be fined up to a hefty £10,000.

Those who are caught without a mask at an event, or where it is mandatory in general, can be fined up to £100. Those who have already been fined for not wearing a mask, will have their fine doubled with each offense adding up to a maximum of £3,200.

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