Roundup, August #1

Welcome to August, where remixes and new singles give us a further taste of things to come from some of the hottest artists in the game right now. We roundup our favourite of the week. Listen below. 

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The second single off her upcoming remix EP, ONE, Coucou Chloe enlists alt-pop and bubblegum bass peer Cobrah to pivot Wizz’s heady and delirious club beats further onto the dancefloor with Cobrah’s signature saccharine pop sensibilities. Featuring new verses and Cobrah’s infectious vocals, this reimagining of Wizz is pure club music ecstasy. 


SBTRKT – Ghost (featuring Leilah)

On his previous two singles this year, UK producer SBTRKT reminded us why he is widely considered one of the most visionary producers in the game, with his boundary and genre pushing work constantly challenging the conventions of dance music. Ghost is a change of pace from those tracks, an ethereal and oft beautiful ballad on which SBTRKT creates a glowing ambient soundscape for Leilah’s lovesick vocals to dance in. 


Actress & Mount Kimbie – AZD SURF

Pioneering UK producer Actress teams up with Mount Kimbie’s Kai Campos for the enchanting AZD SURF. With Actress’s signature distorted and abstract sounds sewn seamlessly together with Campos’s more melodic preoccupations, AZD SURF is a gorgeous and effervescent piece of loop work that’s almost transportive in quality.


TSHA – Water 

Continuing to demonstrate her capacity as one of the most versatile new voices in dance music, TSHA’s latest single follows the acid house of BOYZ and the forlorn jungle of Giving Up. Water is a thrumming, arpeggiated piece of work that unfolds over a gently simmering highlife beat. Featuring a sample from acclaimed Malian vocalist Oumou Sangaré, Water is a gorgeously crafted ode to the sounds and energy of afrobeats as seen through the lens of TSHA.