Interview: Five Minutes with Tryzdin

Photo credit: Nick Fancher

Saint Mars lead singer Tryzdin has released his solo single ‘A New Way’ via Grá Mór Phonic Records. Tryzdin’s vocals impress and draw close in comparison to the work of renowned musicians like Rag’n’Bone Man, Imagine Dragons, and even 60’s rock icon’s The Beatles. The singer rose to the music scene after his song cover of singer Adele’s ‘Hello’ went viral with over 3.7 million views on Youtube. Since then, Tryzdin would form part of the indie alternative band Saint Mars soon after that. To date, the band sit under 3 million plays across music streaming services, and have been praised in publications like Clash Magazine, Wonderland Mag, Medium, Music Week, and Beats Per Minute.

We find out more about the teenage singer sensation in this exclusive.

Set the tone for us. Why the arts?

The arts have always been a really big help in my life, they have helped me express who I am in different ways.

Which comes first when you’re producing – the sound or the idea?

When I am producing, the idea comes first. I always like to know what I’m looking for before I jump right into the sound.

Does your material feature any collaborations?

Guitarist Brent Paschke (Pharrell Williams/N.E.R.D.), drummer Dylan Wissing (Alicia Keys), drummer Robert Brian (Goldfrapp, Siouxsie, Simple Minds), lyricist/songwriter Britt Warner (October’s Child), songwriter/producer Marc Darcange (Saint Mars), Producer Aubrey Whitfield, Guitarist Angelo Bruschini (Massive Attack).

What’s on your current playlist?

My current playlist has artists like Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Halsey, Panic At The Disco, Lizzo, Imagine Dragons, Lewis Capaldi, and much more.

Tell us about the chemistry you have with your fans on stage.

Whenever I do a live performance I always want to make sure the fans are engaged. I’ll have them clap to the beat, sing with me, even dance, just as long as they are having the best time.

What techniques do you experiment with to get your original sound?

I like to mess around a lot with different techniques and sounds. I’m a very diverse artist as well, I sing a bit of everything. So I try to express all of the different sounds to get my original sound.

Take us through a day in the recording studio.

Well, first I start off with making sure I know what song I am working on for the day. Then I open the project and run through the song a couple of times to make sure I’m ready to record and that I feel the song. Finally, I get in the booth and start making magic.

Was there a specific moment in your life where you thought, “this is what I want to do”?

I was in 1st grade at my Elementary school talent show and I was singing Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ and after I was done singing I heard the crowd and everything made sense. I remember the feeling I had, I was really happy and felt at home.

What do you keep close by while you’re playing a set?

The one thing I keep close is water and sometimes tea, always something to drink to make sure my throat is never dry.

Any emerging artists on your radar?

Definitely Anson Seabra and Emma Oliver. They are both really good at what they do and I believe can make it extremely far in the industry.

What gets your creative juices flowing?

A good story to a song, if I have a story,  whether it be about me personally or just something I came up with. They always are the root of my songs. That’s what gets my juices flowing.

Take us through your collection of gear, tech or software that accompanies your creative expression.

I have a very simple home setup like Billie Eilish and Finneas. I use an IMac where I have Logic Pro X downloaded, I use an Apollo Twin by Universal Audio, Avantone PS-12, and an Avantone CV-12 mic.

Any side projects you’re working on?

At the moment I am also working on a poetry EP where I write about mental health issues.

How have you refined your craft since you entered the industry?

I have been trying to learn how to fully produce a track by myself, I’m still learning but hopefully, within the next year I’ll be able to do it.

Breakdown the news for us: what can we expect from you this year?

You can expect new music from myself and also from Saint Mars.

Famous last words?

You are the only key to your own happiness.

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