News: MelodyVR Acquire Napster “To Deliver The World’s Foremost Music Experience”

Together, we are looking forward to providing incredible music in all its forms to music lovers around the world, working with musicians who want simpler, better connections to their audiences, and an opportunity to show all sides of their artistry, in a way which truly does their music justice.


As we are learning to adapt to the “new normal” when it comes to live music and festivals, many artists, labels and companies have been taking innovative steps in ensuring we are able to experience our favourite music scenes once again; albeit in slightly different circumstances.

The once infamous Napster was originally acquired by music service Rhapsody in 2012 (and later re-emerged in 2016 as a streaming platform) has now been bought by UK virtual reality company MelodyVR for £53 million ($70m) who are hoping to create “the first ever music entertainment platform which combines immersive visual content and music streaming.

The CEO of MelodyVR Anthony Matchett stated:

For music fans today, live and recorded music are intrinsically linked. We are as keen to see our favourite artists perform live as we are to listen to their albums. Our purchase of Napster, one of the music industry’s original disruptors, is born out of our wish to deliver the world’s foremost music experience, available seamlessly across audio and visual media and in turn presenting a truly next generation music service.

During lockdown, MelodyVR hosted a virtual edition of Wireless Festival, and plan to host 360 degree VR live music events from London’s Brixton Academy.

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