Moving Shadow’s full catalogue is now available on Spotify

Moving Shadow, the influential UK label established in 1990, has made its extensive catalogue of over 200 EPs, more than 30 albums, and other releases available on the streaming platform Spotify. The Moving Shadow page on Spotify offers not only the label’s own music but also carefully curated playlists by some of its most renowned artists, such as  2 Bad Mice, Noisia, Calyx, Omni Trio, and Hyper-On Experience. These playlists blend Moving Shadow’s signature sound with other classic drum & bass tracks. The label’s impressive back catalogue showcases the work of notable artists including Aquasky, E-Z Rollers, and Corrupt Souls

Notably, the pioneering album Timeless by acclaimed artist and producer Goldie was co-written, engineered, and recorded at Moving Shadow under the guidance of label boss Rob Playford. Goldie recently announced a remix package of Timeless, scheduled to be released on July 21st via London Records/FFRR. It will feature fresh interpretations by artists like Break, Nookie, Scar, Searchlight, and the late Trevino, among others. Timeless released in 1995, is widely recognised as one of the most influential dance music albums of all time, reaching an impressive #7 position on the UK Albums Chart. 

With Moving Shadow’s extensive music library now available on Spotify, including their collaborations with Goldie on Timeless, the label aims to reach a wider audience and introduce its iconic drum & bass, jungle, and breakbeat releases to a new generation of listeners.

Check out Moving Shadow on Spotify here.