Maxi-Single Review: The Elegantly Haunting Theatrics Of Arca’s ‘Madre’ Ft. Oliver Coates

Arca ft. Oliver Coates | Madre | XL Recordings LTD

Release Date: 22 January, 2021

With each new release by multi-talented songstress Arca; the artist is always sure to provide us with tracks that are consistently invigorating, intriguing and overall genuinely revitalising as she explores the music realm. In her latest release ‘Madre’, which she describes as a maxi-single, the artist works in collaboration with Oliver Coates.

‘Madre’ focuses mainly on the stunning theatrics of the hauntingly beautiful vocals with a flourishing composition. The cinematic nature of the track, incandescent with the phantoms of orchestral strings, sculpts a realm in which one is able to retreat into a starry darkness; a charm incredibly elegant and meaningful in its allure.

The outstanding atmosphere reminds one of the drama of the theatre; perhaps that of an opera in which the protagonist pours their heart out, loving and lamenting as they belt out their words beneath a single spotlight, as the stage falls into midnight around them.

You can listen to the four-track maxi-single by clicking on the links below.

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Feature Image: Arca by HART LËSHKINA