Listen to Bang’s dreamy ‘Dance In The Rain’

South Asian-American independent recording artist, songwriter and producer Bang unveiled a new single, Dance In The Rain’, on the 29th of August, 2023 via RAREHEARTED Records LLC. Hailing from Michigan, Bang seamlessly merges his early exposure to Bollywood music and early 2000s hip hop with modern electronic and alternative sounds. He is a member of the genre-bending collective RAREHEARTED.

‘Dance In The Rain’ is a hazy, dreamy track with reverberant, crisp production that sonically delivers feelings of introspection, romance and general depth of feeling. A slow 6/8 beat and Bang’s soulful, falsetto vocals give the song a sweeping, cinematic quality, somewhat reminiscent of The Weeknd’s new wave and dream pop tracks. Accompanying the track is a moody and cinematic music video which you can watch below:



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