K RHEN is giving you an ultimatum: it is ‘Now or Never’

Rising South London singer-songwriter K RHEN (Ksenia Reimchen) unleashed a sizzling new single, ‘Now Or Never’, on May 3rd, 2024. She boasts topline features with Maydenfield and AudioGust and a segment on BBC Music introducing her breakout single ‘Come With a Warning’. Making music that exudes the fusion of dark pop and dancehall, K RHEN is a versatile artist traversing an array of genres and a prodigious songwriter, who can tell multi-layered stories.


‘Now Or Never’ was written in early 2023 by K RHEN and Jordan Round, explores the tension and pain of one-sided love. The track features pristine pop production that captivates the listener. The funky beats from the pre-chorus—like a beating heart—underscore the tense emotional stakes associated with one-sided love. The chorus firmly states K RHEN’s need for commitment and her exhaustion with tentative lovers, her powerful vocals delivering an infectious self-love anthem.


K RHEN shares: “It’s a song about not wasting any more time with someone who can’t fully commit to you in a relationship. It demands asking for a difficult answer—it’s now or never. I like to think of it as a frustrating, yet self-empowering, message about standing your own ground.”



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