Drexciya’s Swansong Reissued On Clone

Clone Aqualung have announced that they will reissue Drexciya’s final album, Grava 4.

Grava 4 is the final installment in the TR-808 pioneers’ ‘afrofuturist’ myth, a narrative that spanned the course of four spellbinding albums of electro-ambience. In the band’s mythology, Drexciya is the name of an underwater city populated by the unborn children of women who were thrown off slave ships as they crossed from Africa.

The album boasts 8 tracks, most of which are themed around interplanetary travel, and this reissue features a slightly re-sequenced track list. Electro is often a genre criticised for lacking ambition. The same thing could never be said about James Stinson and Gerald Donald’s music, and this reissue is a timely reminder of that fact.

Check out Drexciya’s mythopoeic track “Wavejumper” below.

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