Q+A with the Italian Power Pair, Victoria On The Grass

We sat down with Victoria On The Grass to talk about their upcoming single ‘Jean’ and discuss the themes they have explored in their music. Victoria On The Grass, formed by Benedetta Oliovechio and Caterina Fuso, emerged in February 2018 after four years of collaboration. In Dublin, Ireland, they began

We sat down with avant-garde artist Jeannel (Jeanne Amiens), who unveiled a stirring new single, ‘BLUE’, and its equally moving video on 03 May 2024 via Unfelt Recordings. The video premiered on the notable tastemaker NOTION. The song was produced by Jeannel herself and oh.no.ty (Tory Lanez, Belly, Moses Yoofee

Italian duo Victoria On The Grass unveiled their latest offering, ‘Jean‘, on April 26th, 2024. Over the past two years, Victoria On The Grass has explored new sonic territories, venturing into electronic music while reconnecting with their Italian roots for inspiration. Under Caterina’s guidance as a sound engineer, they refined their

Rapper and MC Küf Knotz and harpist/vocalist Christine Elise have unveiled a boom bap-influenced fresh fusion of hip hop and neo soul called ‘Rotation’. Released on March 13, 2024, the track is the second single from their forthcoming album Hypnagogia. The duo has opened for Wyclef Jean, Yellowman, Rising Appalachia,

William John Titus Bishop has unveiled his latest single, ‘I Don’t Remember You At All’, on February 16, 2024 via Warner Bros Music. The single was produced, mixed mastered and recorded in Brighton, UK and features a breakaway from the production of his earlier albums, a sound which Bishop is more

Irreverent and independent multi-instrumentalist and producer Diz Establishment (Ona Macha) has unleashed a new single and video, ‘We Live In A Stupid World’ – a satirical track that demands no more of the viewer than attention to the title. Inspired by Prince, Frank Zappa and Tyler, the Creator, this mischievous

The atmospheric alt-rockers Andrew Neil & Code Purple unleashed a new single, ‘Resurrection’ on January 19th, 2024. Their upcoming album, also titled Resurrection, will feature a total of nine original songs. The band is a creative collaboration formed in 2017 between singer-songwriter Andrew Neil (often compared to Daniel Johnston) on

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