Aphex Twin releases new material off AFX’s Warp Records

The structural ambience and eccentric tempos of Aphex Twin is something of a considered effect. Experimenting with programming, nuance and empty spaces, the producer came onto the music scene at a time when people were yearning for intricacy and detail, paired with assorted synth moods and bass rarities.

Aphex Twin has recently opened a platform for his global fan base to access a lifetime of work from his record archives, as well as new material through his online shop.

You can expect a variety of tempo and focus. The four-track EP Orphans features two AFX remixes that belong to Richard D James’s longtime friend and collaborator Luke Vibert. He has also introduced three demo versions of the landmark track ‘Windowlicker’ and a dimmer side to Philip Glass’s take on ‘Icct Hedral’.

Visit the online store to discover the extras, archives and additions.

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