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Adult Swim Releases Glowing Synthwave Compilation ‘Fever Dreams’

Feature Image: Alice Glass | Credit: Michelle Shiers Adult Swim have become a well known force of nature when it comes to their contributions to pop-culture; whether it means collaborating with artists for out-there animated music videos and shorts, to the production of vinyl soundtracks for famed animated shows that

By Jenna Dreisenstock As the perfect mix of modernity combined with brilliant nostalgia, Synthwave not only sings bright in its vivid glimmer of signature 80’s influence in kaleidoscopic sound; but is the perfect example of the fusion of distinct stylistic visual art as the genres lover. The glow of synthesiser

Interview by Shannon Lawlor German-born, now London-based synthstress NINA has been a spinning-cog and adhesive bond in the ever-growing Synthwave community since it’s hazy, nostalgia-fuelled inception. As well as heading her own innovative imprint Aztec Records, a label built around progressing the synthwave/synthpop scenes into the neon-lit giants it is

Interview by Shannon Lawlor George Dervenagas, better known as VHS Dreams, is an electronic producer currently based in Hartlepool, United Kingdom. The retro-futuristic ethos of Dervenagas’ understated love-affair for eighties-and-nineties electronic music scenes has VHS Dreams– his aptly nostalgic-inducing recording moniker, into the visionary, cast of glowing and upbeat resonance it

The best of current synthwave in one amazing compilation – Curated by Aztec Records’ own Queen of Synthwave NINA and showcasing some of the strongest referents of the genre as well as some incredible newcomers to the scene. 20 amazing tracks that show the best examples of the genre –

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