20 Neon Lit Synthwave Tracks of 2018 (So Far)

By Jenna Dreisenstock

As the perfect mix of modernity combined with brilliant nostalgia, Synthwave not only sings bright in its vivid glimmer of signature 80’s influence in kaleidoscopic sound; but is the perfect example of the fusion of distinct stylistic visual art as the genres lover. The glow of synthesiser magic shines in dynamic and eclectic auditory animation, amongst the buzz of neon aesthetic and old school imagery mixed with modern surrealism, Synthwave is a genre with a sound and art style that is practically impossible to miss.

We thought we’d share 20 of our favourite synthwave tracks from this year so far – many of these are stunners are from July, however there are a few we just had to include from earlier in the year.

As usual, this list is in no particular order!

VHS Dreams – ‘Shores of Euboea

Harper Lee – Where I’d Rather Be

Fortress Of Graves – Crowded Underworld

Killstarr – Worlds Apart

NINA – Sleepwalking

Gerbfather – Archetypal Manifestation of the Logos

Peter Zimmermann & Daria Danatelli – Ursa Minor

Driver86 feat. Magnavolt –Dreamers

Ethereal Delusions – Pluto

Parallels feat. Chris Hugget – ‘Golden

Deadly Avenger – Sadness Apart

Timecop1983 feat. The Midnight – Static

LET EM RIOT – ‘Wild Ones

Anubis – Make Believe

New Arcades – Wait For Tonight

Carpenter Brut – Leather Teeth

Tangerine Dream – Sounds Kinda of Fruity

End of Art – Antinatalism

Astrophysics – My Cherry Blossom

Canned Resistor – Justice Never Dies

Hope you enjoyed our list!

Let us know your favourite Synthwave tracks of 2018 (so far) in the comments!

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