Adult Swim Releases Glowing Synthwave Compilation ‘Fever Dreams’

Feature Image: Alice Glass | Credit: Michelle Shiers

Adult Swim have become a well known force of nature when it comes to their contributions to pop-culture; whether it means collaborating with artists for out-there animated music videos and shorts, to the production of vinyl soundtracks for famed animated shows that have aired on the network such as the dark fantasy, satirical comedy Rick and Morty. This time, Adult Swim have teamed up with 15 artists on their new curated synthwave compilation entitled ‘Fever Dreams‘ which features many of our favourite electronic artists here at The Playground in ear-candy bliss.

Adult Swim continue to provide a swirling psychedelic world of animation, music as well as a true sense of artistic sensibility and expression as they flip the ideas of what pop-culture is on its head. As a long time admirer of Adult Swim and the ways in which they introduce previously misconceived ideas of ‘underground’ pop-culture to the general public – such as animation: it is always exceptionally exciting to see every collaboration and release from the platform.

Check out the wonderfully curated compilation featuring artists such as Alice Glass, Com Truise, Marie Davidson, GUNSHIP and more on their website – here!

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