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Saint Rock

Production team Saint Rock pull the curtain back on new EP

Last Friday, Electro-pop production duo Saint Rock released their 6-track EP, Real, which includes the recently released single ‘Bad Vibes’. A mix of songwriting elements and a wide range of genre influences, from Pop to EDM, the project has been signed to Buy Now Records, making it the duo’s third

German duo Psycho & Plastic have recently released their latest intricate ambient single, ‘Back And Forth’ which reflects the delicate dance of conflicting interest. The single is the second to be revealed of their upcoming album, Phantom Bliss which is slated for release later this year via GiveUsYourGold. The pair

       Image credit: Nima Elm A little old school, a little new school. A little pop, a little synth. All in all, what it really comes down to is some good synthpop, dressed up to the nines and ready to be taken out for the night. At 1980, a duo comprised

        Image credit: Camille Dampierre You may have noticed that we have a soft spot for both shimmering organic electronica and Parisian electronic artists, as the two manage to portray some of the most colourful and unique sounds. Naturally, when we discovered Jaffna, the duo creating fresh percussive rhythms with their

Gently transitioning between genres, ERA C appear with their debut LP, DELIRIA. Seductive with its gentle trip-hop tones meeting pop vocals, the album is the result of German-based duo Sofia Insua (of Easy Easy) and Mirza Ramic (one half of the well-known Arms and Sleepers duo). The poetic quality of

Let’s venture into the world of sparkling pop – where many undiscovered artists are working hard to make their claim on the territory. Take Elephants Everywhere, for example, comprised of  Sean Bartoshuk and John Shekerjian, who met while attending school in Detroit. Moving to the dynamic city of L.A., the

Image credit: Johannes Kremer As two musicians meet in the fog of the industry, a thought floats across their minds – what would happen if we were to collaborate together? ERA C, the combination of vocalist Sofia Insua from the Guatemalan band Easy Easy and Mirza Ramic from the US duo

Opening with the ethereal and atmospheric ‘Aura’, Snowk quickly caught our attention with their latest album, Powder. Quickly evolving into the rhythmic pop vibes of ‘Under The Moon ft. J Lamotta’, we’re introduced to the rest of the skillfully woven LP. Released last Friday, via Namy& Records and Warner Japan,

Stunning trip-hop collaborations appear to be the trend at the moment, with Thomas Blondet and Steven Rubin embracing that with their dynamic single ‘Seascapes’. The single, premiered yesterday, will be released on the 5th of February via Rhythm & Culture Music. The downtempo single with its weightless grooves shows the

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