NEWS: Snowk release stunning new album, Powder

Opening with the ethereal and atmospheric ‘Aura’, Snowk quickly caught our attention with their latest album, Powder. Quickly evolving into the rhythmic pop vibes of ‘Under The Moon ft. J Lamotta’, we’re introduced to the rest of the skillfully woven LP. Released last Friday, via Namy& Records and Warner Japan, Powder marks two years of Japanese musicians Namy and Fuminori Kagajo working together and the two have chosen to mark the occasion by drawing more artists into their fold, including J.O.Y, Shigge, Lee Wilson, Miraa May, Ari De Leo and MARICELLE who have all lent their own unique style to the occasion.

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Snowk have embraced a wide variety of visual styles in their music videos over the two years, with each release pulling in a different direction. With so many visual and audio styles in their work, it’s one might be concerned that the quality of their work may suffer. However, with a clean and crisp production style, these fears quickly fade away as Snowk time and time again prove their worth.

The pair finished last year on a high note, having two singles (‘Not Yours’ and ‘This Is Good’) chosen for Kitsuné Musique’s 30 Best Tracks of 2020. With the release of this dynamic album, we’re looking forward to seeing what 2021 holds for Snowk. For a start, you can catch their psychedelic video for ‘Miyanomori’ on Friday, the 29th of January.

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