ERA C hold a tarnished mirror to love and the world with latest LP

Gently transitioning between genres, ERA C appear with their debut LP, DELIRIA. Seductive with its gentle trip-hop tones meeting pop vocals, the album is the result of German-based duo Sofia Insua (of Easy Easy) and Mirza Ramic (one half of the well-known Arms and Sleepers duo). The poetic quality of the lyrics reveals a troubled mind, sweetly beckoning listeners into the darkness and lulling them to complacency as we settle into the fragility of Sofia’s vocals. Moody and emotional but managing to skip the overwrought aspects of Lana Del Rey’s earlier works, we’re instead greeted by a refined production that soothes the soul just as much as the lyrics do.

Holding a tarnished mirror to love, society and inner expectations, the duo have written, produced and performed all of the tracks themselves. However, there’s a gentle glimmer of hope that permeates the LP: despite all attempts, the harshness of the world has not overcome these two. Creating 11 captivating vocal tracks and 2 ethereal instrumental tracks, ERA C will also be sharing their work on limited edition milky clear vinyl, with only 250 copies in circulation. 

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“DELIRIA is about distance and its sneaky way of censoring the heart, preventing it from feeling. I wrote the tracks during various transitional periods in my life, so I was going through change – adapting, looking for the next steps, and finding ways for love to survive. Some of the most defining lyrics on the record popped up in my head while walking busy streets, while travelling, while in motion. I was discovering myself geographically and through the songs that ended being ‘DELIRIA’.”Sofia Insua shares her thoughts on the LP.

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By Sarah Britton