‘Blueprint’ poster created depicting a detailed history of rave culture

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão

An art studio based in the UK called Dorothy, has designed a poster that depicts a carefully laid out series of linework and names that celebrates the people and places crucial to the history and culture of dance music. Dorothy have designed similar posters in the past that show the ‘Blueprints’ of hip hop, alternative and electronic music and they are all beautiful crisp works of aesthetic genius made to look like professional blueprints. Don’t worry, the art studio has a special running where you can buy the Hip-Hop, Alternative, Electric and Acid House Blueprints together as a bundle for £120, just so you don’t miss out.

The newest addition that pays homage to rave and dance music culture is called ‘Acid House Love Blueprint: A History Of Dance Music And Rave Culture’ and is a 60 x 80 cm poster that features over 900 DJs, artists, labels, clubs, parties and other key names and moments from the scene, mapped out on a circuit diagram for the Roland TB-303, blueprint-style. The artwork takes stock, in detail, of rave and dance music history, from its early roots in British Northern Soul and 1970’s New York Disco, through the cultural revolution of the Second Summer of Love, to its explosion into the mainstream and its influence on musicians like Massive Attack, Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers.

The print is organised around key scenes, clubs, and DJs including Ibiza and the Balearic beat, London’s nascent acid house scene, the North of England’s scene, Berlin’s techno scene, the rave scene of the late 80’s early 90’s and the free party sound systems. The print also focuses on key moments and features underground clubs, pioneering and occasionally overlooked DJ’s , super clubs, superstar DJ’s, bands, producers, fanzines, record labels and stores who all played a part in bringing acid house and dance culture to the masses.

Get your copy of this aesthetically-pleasing historical map here.

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