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Damon Albarn reveals that he already has material for the next Gorillaz album

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn shared this week that he already has compiled a great deal of material for the Gorillaz’s next album, but that doesn’t mean that any releases are on the horizon just yet. The artist has been known to take his time with releasing

Gorillaz | The Now Now | Parlophone / Warner Bros. Records Release date: 29 June 2018 Written by Jenna Dreisenstock An introspection in hotel rooms; unmade beds and twilight moonbeam – an insomniac in reflective melancholia – presented in bold enthusiasm, a driving dance in the closet of the mind.

Damon Albarn has admitted that the rumoured new Blur album may never surface. Speaking to NME earlier this year, Albarn mentioned that Blur had recorded 15 new songs, however he quashed our hopes by adding “Just because you record 15 ideas doesn’t mean you have an album.” Months after the

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