MUTE unveil ‘Statement against MPEG culture!’

Record Label MUTE have teamed up with Dirty Electronics and designer/ writer Adrian Shaughnessy to create the MUTE Synth II.

The battery powered synth features a small patchbay and number of touch electrodes that allow for “a labyrinth of possible connections and resulting behaviours.” Sounds are played by creating rhythmic sequences via “hybrid 4-bit binary coding, feedback loops and bit bashing.” The Synth’s features include wave shaping, noise generator, oscillator and more! And if that’s not hi-tech enough there’s even an option to add a Dot-Matrix display. (Full list of features below)


MUTE have stated that the synth acts as a statement against MPEG Culture. The MUTE Synth II “places emphasis on an active participant rather than passive consumer. It is born out of Dirty Electronics’ ongoing commitment to DIY approaches and noise aesthetics, and serves as a catalyst for experimenting with electronic sound.” 

The MUTE Synth II will be available November 15th priced at £89.99. Included will be a CD sampler featuring music made with the synth from MUTE heavy hitters like Chris Carter and Dominic Butler.

Check out the MUTE Synth II in action below!

Dirty Electronics Mute Synth II (MSII) features:

  • Noise generator
  • Feedback
  • Oscillator
  • Wave shaping (triangle – square)
  • Buffered output
  • Sequencer
  • External clock option
  • Touch and knob/potentiometer controls
  • Mini patchbay
  • Dotmatrix display (external module)
  • PCB artwork
  • Bend and hack points
  • Expansion board capability
  • Mini jack/headphone output
  • Battery powered (9v battery not included)

Written by Alex Lewis