Movie To Pay Tribute To Frankie Knuckles And “The Warehouse” Legacy

A movie dedicated to the story of Frankie Knuckles and legendary nightclub The Warehouse is in the pipeline. 

Frankie Knuckles, widely known as The Godfather of House Music, revolutionised dance music and filled floors for over thirty years before his death in March last year. Knuckles was famed globally as an integral artist in the progression of house music and credited by many to have created the genre. 

The film will follow the story of the early days of Chicago House, Frankie Knuckles’ influence, the club that later gave the genre its name: The Warehouse, and its owner: Robert Williams.

 Production is in the hands of Bob Teitel, Billy Dec, Randy Crumpton and Joe Shanahan

“Growing up in Chicago, I always knew about The Warehouse and its ties to house/dance music,” says Teitel in a press release. “What amazes me is what started as a fad in a small Chicago club in the late seventies has evolved into the biggest genre of music in the world.”

Filming for The Warehouse is set to begin in Chicago in the near future however a release date has not yet been revealed. 

Written by Maya Radcliffe.