Essaie Pas is getting ready to release ‘Demain est une autre nuit’

Essaie Pas are an esteemed Montreal-based duo that’s gearing up for an LP release with the iconic underground label DFA records. First paired with the New York label when opening up for Factory Floor, the duo left such an impression they’ve signed on to release Demain est une autre nuit with the NYC legends.

Their upcoming album is undeniably parallel to the aesthetics of DFA Records. Post-punk vocal styles pair perfectly with their dance-laden synths and drum patterns, and the duo’s single “Le port du masque est de rigueur” manages to sound like it could belong in any modern decade, and fit in perfectly with the underground sound.

Pre-order the album, out officially on February 19th, via iTunes or Bandcamp.


1. Demain est une autre nuit
2. Dépassée par le fantasme
3. Retox
4. Carcajou 3
5. Le port du masque est de rigueur
6. Facing The Music
7. Lights Out
8. La chute

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