Interview with the talented TTeo, the artist breathing new life into his father’s music from the 70s in his new LP, ‘Lovexpress77’

German-Italian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer TTeo (Matteo Capreoli) has unveiled a wonderfully warm new LP, Lovexpress77, released on November 24th 2023 via Sonar Kollectiv. His father, Fernando Antonio Capreoli, left Salento in southern Italy for Germany in 1970, where he formed the disco-funk-rock outfit Lovexpress, made up of mainly Italian and Scandinavian musicians. Fernando played drums in the band while they toured Norway, Sweden and Denmark from 1974 to 1979. Recently, TTeo was serendipitously handed a batch of cassettes by his dad – they were recordings of some of Lovexpress’ live shows from the late 1970s; the only known recordings of the band. TTeo was deeply impressed by the quality of the music and got his father to digitize them. These recordings form the basis of, and the inspiration for Lovexpress77, which also features collaborations with various musicians and TTeo’s own acoustic and electronic arrangements. The album is deliciously warm and groovy, a lush amalgam of modern and vintage sounds ready to be a shimmering summer soundtrack.

Listen to Lovexpress77 and read our interview with TTeo below:



Set the tone for us. Why the arts?

My dad was/is a drummer, he set the tone when I was 2 years old [when] he gave me my first drum set. So I never searched for something. It was always there. 


Do you have any non-musical inspirations that might surprise people? 

I think my inspiration for music doesn’t always come from music. It mostly comes from life. What inspired me most for the Lovexpress77 album was the story of my dad who played in this band for quite some time in Scandinavia before he came back to Germany when his dad died. He never went back to live his life as a musician and his dream. He stayed with the family but his dream was always with him, so he gave it to us of the next generation in the family. So [Lovexpress77‘s] story is about circle closings, which inspired me a lot.


Was there a specific moment in your life where you thought, “this is what I want to do”?

It sounds cheesy, but I was honestly born with it. I never had the idea. 


Take us through your collection of gear, tech or software that accompanies your creative expression.

I always love to have an upright piano for composing and writing. All samples you hear in my music are coming from my dad’s old band or from own recordings. I’m not a fan of ‘sample libraries’, I mostly record on Logic, sometimes on Ableton. My drum set (Gretch or Rogers) is essential, as [is] my bass (Hofner or Fender). I love to have everything around I can touch, the guitars, drum machines like [the] TR-8, and synths as the Minilogue and Prophet, and of course Rhodes and Wurli are always there. So I always start with instruments before I go to chop and sample them and change their original sounds.


What techniques do you experiment with to get your original sound?

I often tune drums, piano and vocal recordings lower. I love the warmer sound I get then. I also see myself singing with lower formants as a feature on my own song haha. My actual weapon right now is the logic intern sampler.


Take us through a day in the recording studio.

Before I start working I have to make sure that it’s clean and everything is plugged in. I mostly start as I said on the upright piano. When I have an idea I often record it on the iPhone and start with it in Logic. It’s absurd, but the iPhone’s mix is perfect for an upright piano. I make the loop very long and play some drums on it. Even if I only use a 4-bar loop, I first jam on it for a while to find something that feels good in the moment. After that usually comes bass. But while I’m writing, I realize that it’s different every time – and that’s the magical unexplainable thing about composing [and] writing. It’s like an exhibition, a journey through the jungle and playing on your own playground, surrounded by tools you love.

Ps: Good food is always important for me and some good breaks here and then.


Tell us about the chemistry you have with your fans on stage.

It’s still very new for me to be honest, so it’s still a discovery. But it feels so good to see that we are looking for the same [thing] – love. I do what I love and people feel the love, I think. So love is the chemistry, I think. 


What’s on your current favorite playlist?

I don’t listen much to playlists. But I like Apple Music’s LOOP Playlist.


Any emerging artists on your radar?

Some many artists popping out every day. I love Serena Brancale, André 3000 ’s new album, and JUNGLE.


What gets your creative juices flowing? Is your work flow spontaneous, or do you have any particular rituals?

It’s always different. I love to be in my own zone for a while without any other inputs. Then the flow is super concentrated. 


Any side projects you’re working on?

A lot! With my band, Turista per Sempre, we are always working on new music. But also as producer and composer, I’m collaborating with some beautiful and interesting artists, like Dalila Cavalera, Koka, or the upcoming Ecuadorian/German rapper/singer Jesue.


What’s next on the horizon for you as an artist?

Costa Rica!


Does your father have any wild stories from performing and touring with Lovexpress in Europe in the seventies?

Oh yes! I did an interview with him which will be released soon. He told me a lot. He said [that] life as a musician in the 70s was beautiful and that you were treated like a prince. It means [that] when you were a good musician you were special. [Regarding] the touring life, he said that he enjoyed living the moment and learning a lot about different cultures and languages. The night started after the concert, he said – and you were never alone!


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