DJ DS release visuals for “I Don’t Love You”

DJ DS (fka DJ Dodger Stadium) comprise of Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy, and have become quite a fixture in LA’s dance scene. They’ve apparently also been in the studio with Kanye West for his upcoming album, but no official word on this besides their name on a scraggly note. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t keeping busy with their own antics however, as they’ve just dropped the visuals for “I Don’t Love You” via Gorilla vs Bear today.

Apparently the video was shot over the course of a day with some iPhones sometime in December. Keeping to their LA roots, it follows the ghost of an actress finding her final resting place. DJ DS have done a full takeover and explained everything by themselves here, but check out the video below.

“I Don’t Love You” is off their album Stand Up and Speak.

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