Elevated Focusion – Elevated Focusion LP

Breaking away from the vice grip of conformity, Elevated Focusion has released his new psychedelic, genre-defying self-titled album. The album is an amalgamation of the producer’s love for the New Yorker culture, which he grew up experiencing, and a plethora of music genres, ranging from Hip Hop to Trance and beyond.

Raised in Queens, Elevated Focusion is more than a moniker. Not only is it a new name, being that he was previously known as Jonny Rythmns, but it also stands for originality, counterculture, and change, all bundled in a music and fashion brand — vintage band t-shirts and old-school streetwear are now available for purchase.

‘Mind Frames’ is an old-school, gangster-rap-era production with an operatic twist. Dirty snares crunch on every the 2 and 4, accented with the occasional dark tones of a muffled piano and airy soundscapes. Was it the producer’s encounter with Chris Conway, a musician who worked on the precise hip-hop albums that he grew up listening to, that inspired this track? We may never know, but it does carry the grittiness of the east coast flavour; did someone say, ‘N.Y. State of Mind’?

In an entirely opposite direction, ‘Trance Bender’ leads listeners down the rabbit hole, transporting them to Elevated Focusion’s world of trippy bass, squelchy synths, and hammering kicks. The track is a sonic embodiment of the album’s colourful artwork and stands in stark contrast to, say, the more tribal record ‘Stained in the Zone’.


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Artwork credit: @VoodooSalad