Carl Craig to reissue More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art

Detroit techno pioneer Carl Craig has announced that his seminal 1997 record More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art has been remastered and will soon be reissued on his own Planet E label.

Whilst no specific release date has been provided, it is expected that the album will appear in double vinyl, CD and digital formats in the next couple of months.

The vinyl version of the reissued album will include 12 cuts, while the 16-track CD is set to include an untitled bonus track.

Listen to one of the highlights from More Songs… ‘Televised Green Smoke’ below.

More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art will be reissued on Planet E soon.

01. Es.30 
02. Televised Green Smoke 
03. Goodbye World 
04. Alien Talk 
05. Red Lights 
06. Dreamland 
07. Butterfly 
08. Act 2 
09. Dominas 
10. At Les 
11. Suspiria 
12. As Time Goes By (Sitting Under A Tree) 
13. Attitude 
14. Frustration 
15. Food And Art (In The Spirit Of Revolution) 
16. Bonus Untitled Track 

Written by Will Van de Pol