Artist and drag performer Joseph Wilson directs a powerful and playful video for Yo Homo by The Irrepressibles

Following on from the release of his track ‘Will You?’ In March 2024, Jamie Irrepressible returned with ‘Yo Homo’, the 2nd single and title track from his forthcoming Irrepressibles album. A punk rock track of queer rebellion, the song is an explosive call to arms both unashamedly proud and brimming with homosexual desire. The video, directed by London-based artist and drag performer Joseph Wilson, seizes this energy and unites performers from the alt-queer scene to celebrate their identities through dance and moshing in a rundown warehouse. The Irrepressibles is the creative guise of Jamie Irrepressible a composer-songwriter-producer who has become a powerhouse in the realm of alternative music, captivating audiences around the world.


Jamie Irrepressible’s musical journey began in Yorkshire, shaped by classical and rock influences. Transitioning to London, he immersed himself in dance music culture before founding The Irrepressibles, blending orchestral compositions with avant-garde elements and honest storytelling. Their debut album Mirror Mirror (2009) garnered widespread acclaim. Subsequent albums like ‘Nude’ (2012) and ‘Superheroes’ (2021) explored LGBTQ themes with symphonic-electronic fusion. Jamie’s performance of ‘Two Men In Love’ at the UK’s first gay wedding in 2014 marked a significant moment. Collaborating with artists like Röyksopp, his track ‘Most Beautiful Boy’ gained prominence in Netflix’s Young Royals in 2022. His introspective Self Love & Acceptance EP (2023) addressed mental health themes. With over 270 million Spotify streams and 8.1 billion YouTube views as of 2024, The Irrepressibles affirm Jamie’s status as a pioneering force in contemporary music.


On the track, Jamie divulged: “Yo Homo is a punk-rock track of homo & queer rebellion, and of course a bit of fun too!”


On the collaboration video director Joseph Wilson shared: “‘Yo Homo’ explores the rage of queer youth and the power of community. The song takes me back to my teens, when I would get drunk in skateparks and go wild in mosh pits at local rock shows. It’s the song I wish I knew when I was 16, and the song I listen to now with pride and sweet nostalgia”




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