Zapatilla drops soulful new EP, ‘Concrete Words’

London producer Zapatilla has just released his sophomore EP Concrete Words.

The title track, ‘Concrete Words’ opens with a spotlit grand piano and a lone voice quivering in the ether, two minutes later we’re climbing aboard a motoric baseline, arms aloft amid the harmonies and handclaps of another Zapatilla mega-structure.

Stream ‘Concrete Words’ by Zaptilla below

A multi-instrumentalist, Zapatilla began writing songs for other vocalists, but on realising his own rendering embodied the material best, he stuck with original guide vocals.   The resulting tracks are characterised by his warm yet mournful vocals and a dizzying array of instrumentation.

Those instruments have accrued from Zapatilla’s travels around the world and collaborations with numerous artists, including his role as bass player in acclaimed Owiny Sigoma Band. But it is the cello that has come to characterise and inspire so much of Zapatilla. It is an instrument he has played from the age of 5, but abandoned in his teens in favour of the usual distractions and the pursuit of hip-hop and electronic projects in the London scene.

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