Yaeji x DISCWOMAN 04 mix is the best thing we’ve heard this month

Admittedly, I will start off this post by mentioning that this mix is a month old, but sometimes soundcloud still presently surprises us, and today, I was definitely given a present from the music gods in the form of Yaeji’s mix. The talented, yet underrated artist is still a budding name in the music world, and although she seems to collaborate with Mall Grab frequently, I don’t, nor can find, information about her in general.

With that being said, what I can mention is that this release is stunningly well put together, with atmospheric dance pieces that blend everything from unreleased Mall Grab with Branko remixes to the notorious “Thong Song” by Sisqo, and it’s done in a stunning display of Yaeji’s mastery of exciting dance music. There’s been a lull at times with what Soundcloud can offer, and with its recent implementation of previews and copyright, the platform has felt a little dry in its offerings, but alas, today we’ve been given a solution to the drought.

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