We Transfer offers cash incentives to former Soundcloud staff for innovative ideas

We Transfer was given permission to access 173 individuals who were laid off recently from Soundcloud. With the intention to offer a great opportunity for a future career in music and technology, the company emailed each one of the individuals to offer them $10 000 as an incentive to come up with a new music tech idea.

Since 2009, they have been fortunate enough to support the arts, startups, innovators, students and designers. They plan on continuing in that direction by giving a platform to the formerly trained and talented.

This news caught We Transfer’s president Damian Bradfield attention after an interview between Alex Ljung of SoundCloud and Mike Butcher of TechCrunch, in which he decided to reach out.

“What if each and every one of them had been offered ten thousand dollars to refrain from getting a job?” Bradfield writes. “To leave and start something. To leave and start working on the new future of music, whatever that might be.”

Look at the document of contact below:

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