TOBACCO is back with ‘Gods In Heat’

Since 2014’s Ultima II Massage TOBACCO has been largely quiet, explaining that- “I felt I’d done everything I set out to do, I thought maybe I’d go away for a long time, and I went a year without even plugging anything in.”Luckily he’s found new inspiration as he prepares for Sweatbox Dynasty, his latest release for Ghostly that will be out August 19th of this year.

To prepare for this summer release, TOBACCO has dropped ‘Gods In Heat,’ a track that blends erratic synth lines with erratic mania and blends a whirlwind of sounds until it’s organized into something in a way only TOBACCO could pull off. ‘Gods In Heat’ is distorted and unkind to the ears for novice listeners, but it’s experimental nature is one we believe our listeners would vastly appreciate.

Pre-order Sweatbox Dynasty via Ghostly’s online store.

Human Om
Wipeth Out
Gods In Heat
Home Invasionaries
Dimensional Hum
Warlock Mary
Suck Viper
The Madonna
Fantasy Trash Wave
Memory Girl
Let’s Get Worn Away

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