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US visa fee increase for touring artists delayed after pushback

The US is facing growing pressure from professionals in the music industry to reconsider a proposed hike in visa fees for touring artists. The planned 250% increase in costs, which was initially announced by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in January, has been postponed and is now scheduled

Travel restrictions for artists and hauliers touring Europe from the UK are set to be eased in the coming months. This will allow touring artists to travel freely between the EU and the UK, able to visit an unlimited number of EU countries. This differs from initial post-Brexit restrictions, which

The US visa system is already prohibitive for UK artists and this change will see even more of our globally renowned talent shut out. Not only will the US live circuit suffer with millions of American fans missing the chance to see their favourite British artists, artists will lose the

The petition aims to ensure the touring rights of UK musicians post Brexit. For what feels like eons, Brexit has been looming over the UK as a foreboding dark cloud ready to consume the public in a political whirlwind; leaving Britons anxious as to what the future holds for them

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