Petition Launched To Protect UK Musicians In The Wake Of Brexit

The petition aims to ensure the touring rights of UK musicians post Brexit.

For what feels like eons, Brexit has been looming over the UK as a foreboding dark cloud ready to consume the public in a political whirlwind; leaving Britons anxious as to what the future holds for them – their individual everyday lives, their careers and businesses, the reported possible economic disaster underlying each failed negotiation and delay. A post-Brexit Britain is very unclear to many, and with the UK set to leave on October 31st yet still without any withdrawal agreement actually passed in parliament; it looks as if Halloween will be a scary day indeed.

With no clarity as to how this is going to affect their daily lives, many fear large setbacks in their careers: musicians included. With the impending Brexit date, a new petition has been launched in a bid to protect musicians from the possible fallouts that will come as Britain leaves the EU; this happening in response to a guide released by the British government, which details information regarding touring Europe in the case of a no-deal Brexit. It dissects the key issues for musicians to examine before embarking on tour, laying out necessary information for all aspects of travel including that which involves equipment, animals and objects.

You can read the full guide here.

A no-deal Brexit has left many with a lingering uneasiness as the accessibility of travelling across Europe is likely to become a lot more difficult and complicated than it has been in the past, and this could prove a very serious issue for musicians who are not part of the famous elite, who may simply not have the funds to even consider leaving the country in this event. The possibility of this happening could be an extreme hindrance to the music industry as a whole, and to many new, emerging and DIY artists who would have otherwise been afforded opportunities to succeed; yet are now faced with a possible crushing reality due to a no-deal Brexit’s travel restrictions.

Entitled “Ensure any Brexit deal protects the Touring Industry for Musicians and Crew” the petition outlines their goal as such: 

We’d like to see any Brexit Deal contain mutual, temporary exceptions on work permits, driving permits and customs allowances, covering the duration of tours in order to guarantee the survival of the touring industry, protecting both jobs and the UK’s reputation for exporting talent.

In order for the petition to be considered in parliament, it needs to reach at least 100,000 signatures – and it is urged for all those who are British citizens or UK residents to sign the petition, in the hopes that regardless of the outcome of Brexit, the careers of musicians (and ultimately the UK music industry) will still be protected.

You can sign the petition here.

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