Pioneer ejects the CD

The ‘pioneer’ of CDJ’s has revealed a new deck…. that doesn’t use CD’s.

Back in the early 00’s Pioneer unleashed the revolutionary CDJ-1000 and persuaded many DJ’s to put their vinyls back on the shelf and make the move from analogue to digital. In the age of iTunes, Spotify and mp3’s, CD’s are under a similar threat and Pioneer’s new toy could be the final nail in the coffin. 

The XDJ-1000 is the company’s first USB Only deck, ditching the CD function for a USB and allowing the user to link up a USB storage device, Rekordbox and mixing software like Serato. The XDJ-1000 features Pioneer’s iconic jogwheel and otherwise looks like your industry-standard CDJ, but instead of a knob to work the menu it will have a touchscreen and boasts a lot of new party tricks. You’ll have the ability to jump backwards or forwards within a loop and you’ll also be able to analyse and prep tracks using your computer, tablet or smartphone before you start your set. 

Whilst many CDJ’s already have USB functionality, the removal of a CD drive in the XDJ results in a much lower price. The XDJ-1000 will retail at $999/€999/£829. 

Check the XDJ-1000 in action below:

The XDJ-1000 will be available November 2014


Written by Alex Lewis