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SoundCloud reveals Portishead track earned 500% more revenue from new fan-powered royalty model

SoundCloud has shared results from their new user powered royalty system which was unveiled in March. The “fan-powered” model allocates the revenue from a listener’s subscription or advertising revenue directly to the artists who that listener is listening to in a given period of time. This is distinct from the

Online audio distribution platform and music sharing website SoundCloud has announced their new payout model geared towards paying independent artists more equitably. With SoundCloud’s new fan-powered royalties, money made from “dedicated fans” goes directly to the artist. SoundCloud has labelled this new model as “game-changing”, however, it is difficult to

We Transfer was given permission to access 173 individuals who were laid off recently from Soundcloud. With the intention to offer a great opportunity for a future career in music and technology, the company emailed each one of the individuals to offer them $10 000 as an incentive to come

An illusive Soundcloud user, user487363530, has uploaded what appears to be a series of early Aphex Twin demos. Aphex Twin, real name Richard James, is often associated with strange behaviour (living in a former HSBC building and driving a tank, for example), which may be why most seem to be

Soundcloud has announced plans to introduce advertising on it’s site enabling users to collect royalties. An email sent from Soundcloud founder Alex Ljung has stated: “We’re laying this foundation by initially inviting a small group of creators to become Premier partners in the On SoundCloud program, enabling them to make money

The past week has seen a media frenzy over SoundCloud’s introduction of advertising on the streaming site. For the moment, adverts are only appearing on the US version of the site and only on the accounts of certain artists and content creators invited by SoundCloud to take part in the

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