Equipment manufacturer TC Electronic in hot water after sexist product release

Famed music equipment company TC Electronic is in hot water for a blatant and sickening display of sexism.

Collaborating with the band Steel Panther, TC Electronic created a guitar effect pedal entitled ‘Pussy Melter‘, with a description by Steel Panther member Sachel, claiming: “that the tone be as wet as the ladies on the front row.”

Acclaimed female guitarists such as Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner and Braids / Blue Hawaii’s Raphaelle Standell-Preston have spoken out against this disgustingly sexist move; with a petition drawn up by guitarist Jessica Fennelly to remove the product from TC Electronic. It’s evident that not only do the equipment company clearly not have enough female employees who would have opposed this obvious sexism, an issue in itself (womxn work in music production too, perhaps it’s time to actually hire them…) but at the same time we can see that TC Electronic have conveniently forgotten that womxn are also actually guitarists – and the discriminatory nature of this saga is proving to us that the company very obviously haven’t considered womxn as a part their equipment market – a painful and offensive realization.

To sign Jessica Fennelly’s petition to remove this product, follow this link

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