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The Wellness Starter Pack: Record Union’s Detailed Mental Health Resource For Musicians

“We want to create a healthier music climate with healthier artists. We believe that every artist should be able to make music and feel good doing it. Therefore, we have created The Wellness Starter Pack – a toolbox for wellbeing – together with industry experts, with music makers in mind.”

“The Electronic Music Industry Guide To Mental Health” is available for free download for all. In recent years, the subject of mental health has definitely become less stigmatised as more information has entered the public consciousness; but for many suffering from afflictions, reaching out for help and coping with their

It’s often said that artists are tortured souls; and although the narrative can be damaging, and add to a serious stigma – being a creative, and how it affects one’s mental health negatively: is indeed a reality. A recent report by music distributor Record Union titled The 73 Percent Report,

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock For every creative, the idea of our passion for the arts becoming a full-time career is one of the most sought after aspirations for many. Being fully self sufficient by solely focusing on the art we create, the idea of recognition for all our hard work;

Appearing as a guest speaker at the annual Performing Arts Medicine Association symposium in Orange County, California – English producer and composer James Blake revealed his experiences with mental illness, and the strain that immersion in the arts can place on artists mental health and the stigma surrounding the subject

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