Electronic Music & Mental Health: The Accessible Guide For Musicians In The Industry

“The Electronic Music Industry Guide To Mental Health” is available for free download for all.

In recent years, the subject of mental health has definitely become less stigmatised as more information has entered the public consciousness; but for many suffering from afflictions, reaching out for help and coping with their symptoms can still be extremely difficult, and in many cases, continues to carry a stigma – especially when it comes to our education and careers. It’s not always easy to bring mental illness to the forefront working in many different professions – and the same can be said or those working in the music industry. 

Mental illness is a lot more prevalent than many people may assume, and it’s no secret that many creatives suffer from mental health issues such as depression and anxiety; or serious afflictions such as substance abuse, which usually arise from underlying mental health problems. On top of it, being a musician, especially in the public eye, can take a serious toll in all areas of life. 

With this being said, especially following last week Thursday (International Mental Health Awareness Day) The Association For Electronic Music, Music Managers Forum, Help Musicians UK and Music Support have come together to create “The Electronic Music Industry Guide To Mental Health” – a 34 page document detailing everything from information regarding signs and symptoms of various mental illnesses, what to look for when it comes to substance abuse, healthy work ethic (including managing stress, sleep and relationships with oneself and others) and a myriad of resources for those struggling with these symptoms and illnesses to reach out.

This type of support is a fantastic initiative that is imperative for all working in the electronic industry, and provides an incredible amount of information for those who may be struggling – or those who may not even realise what they’re going through, or how to cope with it. Not only is this type of information relevant and incredibly helpful for those in the electronic music industry, but with the myriad of resources available in the document can definitely help many others on top of it.

While mental illness is slowly being brought to light in ways that are genuinely supportive, understanding and not half as stigmatised as in previous years, we still have a long way to go when it comes to providing adequate support for all those struggling; the accessibility of this type of information, as well as easy access to resources and support groups can be truly life-changing for many – and with these type of specialised resources available for those working in specific industries, can really change the face of society as we know it.

You can read and download “The Electronic Music Industry Guide To Mental Health” here.

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