Interview: Catching up with Shaun Frank

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Now, along with the French circuit, it’s pretty clear we have a soft spot for Canada and the many talented musicians they have to offer. Take multi-platinum DJ Shaun Frank, for instance, who first landed on our radar early last year with his single On Your Mind featuring the vocals of Alicia Moffet. At the time, we sat down for an exclusive interview with the producer, where we delved into his inspirations and creative process and received a glimpse of his plans for 2020. Little did we know how things would change in the year, as the world shuffled and adjusted itself to the new circumstances of the pandemic. 

However some things, like the joy found in good music, remain unchanged. Which is why we were particularly excited to hear about Shaun Frank’s latest release, ‘Together’ which continued his long-standing trend of collaborations and features the three-piece indie band, Prinze George. Naturally, we were eager to find out what the producer has been up to and how he’s adapted to the new circumstances.

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Join us in catching up with Shaun Frank in the exclusive interview below.

Hi Shaun, welcome back. What are you up to today?

Hey! Good to be back. At the moment I’m chatting with you! After that, I’ll be diving into my synthesisers for the foreseeable future.

What were some of the challenges you faced in the past year?

The biggest challenge was definitely to stay motivated in my career in music. As touring shut down, I definitely concentrated more on the other things in my life that are important, and found it actually really relaxing… but in the back of my mind was always that the industry would come back full swing and I wanted to be ready for that when it happened. 

Now for something positive, tell us about some of the highlights

The highlights were definitely finding the most amount of peace of mind that I’ve ever had in my life. I discovered true gratitude for how lucky I am to be where I’m at in my life. 

Your latest single, ‘Together’ with Prinze George is about “dancing through the mess we’re in”. How has music helped you cope with the tumultuous past year?

For me, it was more the discovery of new music rather than the making of my own music that was the biggest coping mechanism. I discovered so many great songs and artists through the pandemic. When I heard the vocals for “Together”, which Prinze George sent me, I instantly gravitated towards that concept that music has the kind of power to get us through things even as insane as a worldwide pandemic.

Take us through the recording process with yourself and Prinze George?

I first heard Prinze George on Carnage’s track with them, Letting People Go, and I fell in love with the singer’s voice instantly. I think I reached out on Instagram and we’ve actually shot quite a few ideas back and forth before finding this song that we both agreed would be amazing to do together.

Last time we spoke, you mentioned working on a unique side project that combined the sounds of Bob Moses and Rufus Du Sol. Any chance we’ll be hearing this some time soon?

I love that side project but I feel like it’s gonna take me 5 years to get it out haha.

You’ve mentioned before that you’re a big fan of collaborating with other artists. Who’s next on your radar?

To be honest, I’m really trying to do as much of my own stuff as possible at the moment. I’ve fallen in love with club music again, and I’m cranking out all types of fun dancefloor stuff at the moment.

One last thought to leave with your fans?

Thanks for all your love and support as always… Shows are coming back and I’m pumped to party with you guys ASAP!!!

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