Interview: Catching up with Prince Paris

Following on from his previous single ‘Slow Down Ft Willa vocal house producer Prince Paris is hitting the airwaves again with ‘Speak Your Mind’ featuring rising vocalist Wilder, via Physical Presents.

The track is centred around the idea of a partner that won’t communicate what is going on in their head, and Prince Paris channels this silence into an inspired, upbeat track, blending Wilder’s smooth vocals with a buoyant bassline.

We caught up with the producer for some some insight into the new track, and a glimpse into his plans for the future:

Stream/ download: ‘Speak Your Mind ft. Wilder’

Hi Paris, thanks for joining us again. Set the tone for us – what are you up to today?

My pleasure! Mainly working on some stuff and enjoying Athens since the weather is really nice even now and working out whenever i get some free time.

Earlier this year, you moved to the beautiful city of Athens, Greece. What has been one of your favourite things about your new home?

I’ve been enjoying the weather a lot and the people here are real nice too, since the lockdowns are lifted its been a totally different place as I came in just when they were starting.

Your latest single, ‘Speak Your Mind’ features Wilder (aka Ellis Barrientos) who is currently based in Los Angeles. What were some of the challenges you faced during this collaboration?

It was smooth!!! We were mostly focused on getting the instrumental just right 🙂

The last time we spoke, it was clear you were longing for the stage. Have you had a chance to return to live music and did it live up to the expectations?

Unfortunately no, the pandemic had me mainly working on music, other than a few small shows here and there.

You’ve become known for collaborating with unique artists. Give us the lowdown: do you already have your eye on someone for your next release?

We have a few in the pipeline and my next record might just be a solo one that we are cooking up 🙂 

One last thought to leave with your fans?

I hope you guys enjoy the music, there’s more coming and hopefully soon i’ll be back on stage with you all much sooner than we both think!

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