Extinction Rebellion’s New Climate Change Track Aims For No.1 On The Christmas Charts

Music has always been a powerful tool  for change; with the incredible experiences it is able to provoke, it’s almost quite astounding that carefully constructed sounds are able to change our lives, and subsequently our societies, in extremely impactful and meaningful ways. While many genres can induce pure enjoyment, euphoria and be associated with a fun night out – others may bring some to tears – introspective, comforting, the reminder that we are all a part of something bigger – or perhaps protest anthems, in turn not only assisting us personally, but allowing that feeling of community to grow into something bigger, more direct: inspiring institutional change, and sending messages we so desperately need to pay attention to.

With this being said, environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion have teamed up with rock band The Jade Assembly, who have released a protest anthem entitled ‘Time For Change’ that urges us to take action in the face of the current, and terrifyingly foreboding climate disaster. With a release of the track and an accompanying music video by the band which features footage from the extensive marches and protests held by the exceptionally determined non-violent activist group, who are directly taking action in every way they are able in order to spread awareness and demand action from world leaders.

Combining such important activism with an incredible tool to inspire change is an understandable move, and in a further bid The Jade Assembly and Extinction Rebellion are hoping to push ‘Time For Change’ to No.1 on the Christmas charts. The Christmas charts have always been an important symbol in the music world, with the No.1 spot coveted – especially during the festive season which for many inspires goodwill, compassion and care for the people and world around us. If ‘Time For Change’ is able to reach No.1, this could be an important indication as to the urgency of the climate disaster and perhaps with kind of exposure could inspire important and genuinely effective action on behalf of those who in power, who have the resources to make direct changes yet evidently need to do so much more.

Listen to the track and watch the video here.

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