Roundup, May #1

Welcome to a new month! This week, we have a roundup filled with blissed out, gossamer new music from dreamy synthpop to deeply moving neo-soul. Listen below: 

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DJ Python & Anthony Naples – Entouré

What do you get when you fuse a reggaeton agitator with an ambient techno visionary? DJ Python and Anthony Naples propose the answer on Entouré, their collaboration taken from the Brooklyn pioneers’ upcoming compilation for Air Texture which sees the artists join forces to curate a collection of 18 unreleased tracks from various artists. Entouré is pretty much exactly what you might expect, full of both artist’s signatures; a sweaty dembow beat and wobbly bass from Python, and ethereal, slippery drones from Naples

Mall Grab, Brendan Yates – Understand 

The latest single from London producer Mall Grab’s upcoming debut album features Turnstile’s Brendan Yates delivering some hardcore punk vocals over a blissed out and dazed bass backdrop. Cascading arpeggios add a spaced out atmosphere, and Yates’s vocals take on an alarmingly tender quality against Mall Grab’s UK leaning electro. Following Metaphysical, Understand reveals more of the project, which is shaping up to be a love letter to London’s underground music culture.

Mykki Blanco, Diana Gordon, Sam Buck – Your Love Was A Gift

The latest from Mykki Blanco is a gorgeous neo-soul, indie rock serenade featuring Diana Gordon and Sam Buck. Immersive, gentle, and full of gravitas, the song is alarmingly moving. Shifting from Gordon’s powerful alt-rock vocals to Blanco’s evangelical verse, Your Love Was A Gift closes with the deep timbre of Buck’s country tinged vocals. Blanco takes a strategic backseat on the track, allowing their guests to soar. The payoff is major, and Your Love Was A Gift succeeds beyond expectation. 

Carly Rae Jepsen – Western Winds 

If anyone has established a true cult following in pop music, it’s Carly Rae Jepsen. The Canadian singer/songwriter eschewed the fate of One Hit Wonder after her massive single Call Me Maybe by delivering some seriously good pop music, and on her latest single Western Winds she continues to prove that she’s one of the most skilled pop writers out there today. With a Neptunes-esque beat, Western Winds is a blissed out ray of sunshine full of sunny piano riffs and breezy harmonies.