Roundup, July #4


We roundup our picks for the must hear releases of the week. Listen to our selections below.



Jessie Ware, Roísín Murphy – Freak Me Now 

Rejoice! The collaboration we have always dreamed of is here. Two of the disco revival’s most revered queens, Jessie Ware and Roísín Murphy, come together on a rework of Ware’s Freak Me Now from her dazzling That! Feels Good. This is summer, and it’s mad sexy.


Calvin Harris, Sam Smith – Desire 

The much teased new collaboration between Calvin Harris and Sam Smith is finally here. Desire is a pulse quickening 90’s trance anthem, and with Harris turning to the sound, the reemergence of the style is pretty much a guarantee at this point. 



Zíur, Abdullah Miniawy – Malikan 

Malikan shows astonishing growth for avant-garde club music producer Zíur. Together with Arabic vocalist Abdullah Miniawy, Malikan unravels a viscerally chanted dirge into a sludgy, syncopated mass of brass horns and rotund, grotesque percussion. 


Purity Ring, Black Dresses – Shines 

Together with noise pop duo Black Dresses, this is Purity Ring like you’ve never heard before. Screaming in death metal, cooing in Shrines, and ascending into sparkly hyperpop, Shines is the most batshit thing the duo have done recently, and the most exciting. 


Romy – The Sea

The latest single from Romy’s upcoming debut LP is a chilled out, blissed out, Baeleric love song. Tropical percussion flourishes atop deep and rolling bass, while waning Fender strings carry the breezy chorus as Romy delivers what may be her best vocal performance on the record thus far.