Review: Bicep Dive Into A Refreshing, Personal & Hypnotic Dance In ‘Isles’

BICEP | Isles | Ninja Tune

Release Date: January 22nd, 2021

In their brand new full-length album ‘Isles’ – which many of us have been highly anticipating for what seems like eons – the wait was definitely worth it, as electronic duo BICEP take their sound to a whole new level in their second full-length album. 

We’ve covered a few singles such as the vivid, anthemic Apricots and the rhythmic swirl of ‘Saku‘ featuring Clara La San in a lead up to ‘Isles’, with each track release showcasing a new and different approach from the artists in composition; a bright, refreshing willingness to experiment with timbres, atmospheric soundscapes and breaking away from traditional expectations of electronic music in general is the highlight of ‘Isles’.

With their playful approach to melding genres, the duo allow for a full-bodied experience in ‘Isles’. Their skillful prowess in constructing their sound retains their distinct musical personality, while still showcasing a clear evolution in their music. The production of each track boasts that same willingness to experiment, allowing for a captivating and mesmerising release all in all.

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Rating: 8 / 10

Feature Image: Bicep by Dan Medhurst