PLAYY. Mix Series #158: Recondite


From the current vanguard of producers working within the realms of melodic techno, few are as meticulous as Recondite. As an artist, the German producer is invested in the design of music itself, looking to explore its potential emotional architecture by honouring his instincts. The rural landscape of his hometown in Lower Bavaria, an enchanting mix of expansive forests and insular communities, would inform Recondite’s low-key, pastoral approach to music making. His music is filled with different moods, subtle undulations that result in astonishing nuance that’s both heady and hypnotic. What helps to make his music so personal is found sounds. From trains to twigs to feet on a basketball court, they ground his music in the real world and make it that bit more poignant. The establishment of his label Plangent Records a decade ago largely afforded him the freedom to create from a place of honesty. That is something most artists strive towards for a whole career, but Recondite has been Recondite since day one. With the release of his latest single ATMA, Recondite shares a brand new mix with us. Listen below.


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