Cujo Moon – Horizons EP

Prolific indie musician Cujo Moon delights us yet again with his latest EP Horizons via Tone Tree Music / Cujo Moon. A wholesome and feel-good listen, the musician also complimented the release with video clippings from a charming early 20th-century documentary and film footage for the songs ‘Moonlight’ and ‘In The Stars’. 

Stream/ download: Horizons EP

‘In The Stars’  and ‘Moonlight’ are both introspective tracks that look at the past with fond memories. Laidback with breathable acoustics, one could easily be listening to these tracks at any time of day. Cujo Moon shares insight on the EP: “I’ve always been drawn to very stripped down and lo-fi records like Pink Moon by Nick Drake, Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen, The Creek Drank the Cradle by Iron & Wine, For Emma Forever Ago by Bon Iver, and countless others. So for this EP, I tried my hand at a more raw and organic recording process using more acoustic instruments, tape machines, and analog gear. It’s a little rougher around the edges but I think these songs needed that imperfection in order to remain honest. They are songs about life, love, and growing older. The EP title ‘Horizons’ represents how we often look to the past and future for answers but just like a 35mm photo, the distance can make it look or ‘feel’ fuzzy and uncertain.”

‘Spirits’ is a piano-led and pensive track about moving on and letting go of what is not right for you, whether that is a relationship or your current living situation. Although dwelling on heavy thoughts, it is all a song about re-centering and finding a new path. 

‘Young Dreams’ concludes the EP on a bittersweet note. Although one can feel the somber tone in the lyrics and weeping guitar notes, you can also sense a touch of hope amidst a grey cloud as Cujo Moon bids farewell to self-doubt.

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Image credit: Rachel Deeb(@rkdeeb)