Beatmaking brothers BoomBox unleash Dangerous Waters, out now

Released on 10 November, and right off the heels of their nationwide tour popular electronic-dance-rock duo BoomBox delivers Dangerous Waters. Their wildly enjoyable new album perfectly toes the line between “dance” and “lounge.” Founded in 2004 by singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Zion Rock Godchaux, who tapped Kinsman MacKay in for beats. Since his first hit BoomBox has grown and evolved with their fans worldwide. Stream the featured single, ‘Beunas Noches’ and the rest of the new LP below:



Pulling threads from multiple genres, opener ‘Black Linens’ leads with a smoking bass line that when paired with tropical percussions forms an infectiously danceable groove. The featured track ‘Buenas Noches’ builds on this formula, with even thicker drums and floating vocals, recalling early Gorillaz


‘Taut Thriller’ tears through with a catchy electronic groove, led by a rumbling, gritty synth bass. Godchaux explained that; “The sound is about pulling from anything that you’d hear coming out of a boombox and distilling it into a distinctive style”. The second single ‘Searching’ doubles down on this aspect of fluidity, resulting in a refreshing summertime chillout.


BoomBox on their new album: ‘Dangerous Waters’ is the first album [we] as brothers have made together. Its sounds are both digital and analog, and we feel it’s a further refinement of the BoomBox sound.” “There’s a special kind of chemistry between two brothers playing music together,” says Godchaux.


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