PLAYY. Mix #170 – FILM

On Miwonowi, New Delhi based DJ, producer, and curator Sanil Sudan brings his dancefloor-ready yet emotionally complex electronic formula of hip-hop, jungle and pop  arrangements to the fore under his alias, FILM. It’s the same formula that’s allowed Sudan behind the decks at some of the most coveted stages across Europe and South Asia over the past six years, including Boiler Room and Border Movement’s coveted two month Berlin residency. The three original tracks of Miwonowi are imbued with the restless & irresistible grooves of classic Boo Williams productions, overlaid with the same star-gazing cosmic energy that has become a trademark of the EP’s home – producer Hammer’s Remmah imprint. “The whole EP is a representation of all the great feel-good house music I love,” Sudan says of the project. “It is my homage to a great time of raving followed by the never ending after hours.” We spoke with him ahead of the release of Miwonowi, which is available now via Remmah, and he provides us with a thumping, groove driven mix that takes into the sonic realm of the EP. Listen below. 


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Set the tone for us. How did your journey in music lead you to this point?
I’ve always been an avid collector/listener of music. Pair that up with an intense video gaming habit and technology – I was drawn to figure out how electronic music was made pretty early in my life. My entry point to all Rave/Breakbeats and early Japanese House music came through video games and it drew me into a long (now 20 years) path of just about figuring how to do this for a living 🙂


Who is FILM? What or who would you consider your most important creative inspirations or influences?
FILM as the name suggests is open to interpretation – it can be whatever it means to the audience. I mostly draw inspiration from cinema/video games/ real life experiences so that’s what keeps me the most excited . Musically I have many heroes but I would like to put Roman Flugel, Bally Sagoo & Photek on the very top.


Tell us about your latest project, ‘Miwonowi.’ Where does the title come from, and what sort of concepts are you exploring on this EP?
I am a huge fan of music preservation on Youtube – there are so many good hidden channels out there with people uploading all sorts of obscure records out there and being a student of sampling and Hip Hop I treat Youtube like a digital record store and I’m mostly digging in deep to find interesting samples, this lead track has a 2 second percussion sample from a Afro-Reggae band and the track name happened to be Miwonowi.


How does this mix speak toward the sonic world of ‘Miwonowi’, and to where you are creatively at the moment?
Pretty happy with the mix and it actually truly represents the head space i’ve been Djing with a mix of House/Breaks/Bass – just good party music.


What does the next year have in store for FILM?
I have about 3 diff albums in the works under my other aliases (Tyrell Dub Corp & another soon to be announced) and I am also exploring a Live show as a band. Beyond that I am mostly looking forward to taking my Live sets on tour outside the country at the moment.


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