[PREMIERE] Techmarine Bottom Feeders – ‘Thal Assa Thede Stroyer’

The subaquatic Techmarine Bottom Feeders return with a fully immersive 6-tracker on Detroit Grand PuBahs’ label, Engineroom.

You can enjoy the first listen of the futuristic fourth cut from the EP, ‘Thal Assa Thede Stroyer‘, below:

Techmarine Bottom Feeders (Paris the Black FU from Detroit Grand PuBahs working alongside Luxus Varta) made their debut at the tail-end of 2019 on EPMmusic and have gone on to release a series of EPs, a concept album, ‘Boanerges and The Watery Deep’ and enlisted remixes by AUX88, Cristian Vogel, The Exaltics, The Advent & Zein, Ectomorph and Dadub.

The new EP comes to Engineroom – the label Paris runs with fellow PuBahs artist, Mr O – and comprises Electro workouts, deep experimentalism and Paris’ distinctive vocals across its 5 tracks and soundscaped outro.

Track Listing:

1. s.o.s.a.d.

2. these ekerdest roys

3. com puteri nhumane

4. thal assa thede stroyer

5. com puteri nhumane (children of radiation mix)

6. unkn own = fe ar

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